About Us

The Scent Team

The team at Scent is made up of an amazing group of women who love everything they do!

Denise Fairburn, owner and operator, has a large hand in choosing all the scentsational products

that Scent sells. Denise is passionate about all things soap and is a lover of fine florals.

Scent has amazing gifts that are constantly changing,so there is always a new surprise when you visit

us in store.

 Made in New Zealand exclusively for Scent, our soaps are designed to bring pleasure to all who use our products.

Florists Renee & Suzie offer the best service and quality in town. Wonderful artists in their own right they

skillfully create works of art. These creations are able to be delivered all over Auckland.

At Scent we are proudly supproting A21 (Abolishing Injustice in the 21st Century) below is a personal statement from John Fairburn Owner and Director of Scent NZ Limited     http://www.a21.org/

"I have a teenage daughter. When she was younger I not only taught her to row a boat, ride a bike and take her and her friends for Feijoa ice-cream at Cornwall Park, but also to come and enjoy the ocean and wide-open spaces with me and see the delight in her eyes.

When I heard of so many young girls being trashed by inhuman monsters, I had to do something about it. I found A21 was taking very strong strides in stopping these traffickers and providing loving caring safe-houses so the girls could recover and return to freedom!!!"